It's hard to believe that she has been coming to art club now for almost two years! Sadly she will finish her year at art club because she will be taking her GCSE in the summer. Many thanks for all your guidance and support and amazing knowledge and expertise. She has so enjoyed it and has learned so much. -Cathy.

I have an art background myself so it was really important for me to find extra art lessons from my children. From the moment I met Kathryn and saw her studio I knew we had made the right choice. My girls have just loved the art classes enjoying everything from collage, drawing, painting and decoupage. The projects they have worked on have been so creative I wish I'd of had the opportunity at such an early age to explore so many mediums. I would highly recommend Kathryn's classes to anyone. - Laura.

My daughters absolutely love coming to art club where they can do all the things they can't do in school art lessons. Kathryn has developed not only their skills but also their confidence in their own ability. They have enjoyed working with many different materials and have become ultra creative. They also love the exhibitions Picasso puts on which are such fun! -Liz.

I started Picasso art club when I was 7 years old and I continued until I was 16. I then became an art assistant which I really enjoy and look forward to each week. Picasso art club was brilliant at helping me develop my artistic skills. I was given the opportunity to complete a variety of projects from canvas painting to papier mache sculptures to wire mirrors, and many more. Kathryn always provided me exciting new ideas to help me with my GCSE projects. -Lydia.

I started Picasso art club at 8 years old and I'm now taking my art GCSE. When I started I had a passion for art but with no real skill. Now after being with the art club for a number of years I have been taught many skills and techniques which have helped me with my GCSE. It has helped me to expand my love for art! -Keira.


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